2024 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

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#1 Chicago Bears (F/CAR) – QB Caleb Williams, USC

Thank You, Next

#2 Washington Commanders – QB Jayden Daniels, LSU

The universe seems to be coalescing that Washington is going to take Daniels. Schefter is adamant. Schrager “put his name on it.” Daniel Jeremiah, Dane Brugler, and Matt Miller have Daniels at 2 based on what they’re hearing.

#3 New England Patriots – QB Drake Maye, UNC

There is a resounding drum beat that the Patriots are in fact willing to trade this pick for “the right price” as we run up to Thursday night. The issue is the Kraft family seems pretty keen on walking away from the first round with a quarterback. To no one’s surprise, the Vikings are among the teams that have called New England about acquiring this pick (more on the Vikings later). The Patriots have yet to believe they’ve received an offer worthy of moving off the spot, and I think at the end of the day Robert Kraft is just going to be the guy who actually makes this pick.

#4 Arizona Cardinals – WR Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State

The Cardinals insist they’re open for business and I believe them. We’ve all dreamt up a repeat of last year where Ossenfort moves down only to move back up. However, a big refrain in war rooms this time of year is “don’t get cute” and Arizona already has seven (!!) picks in the top 104 including two firsts and three thirds. The Vikings could sell the farm, sure, but the Cardinals are flush with picks and Harrison is that dude. Matt Miller is also reporting Harrison has an assurance from Arizona if he is available at 4.

I do think the Cardinals would be willing to trade with the Giants and fall to 6 as they’d get extra picks and still get either Harrison or Nabers.

Vikings Receive: #5
Chargers: #11, #23, #108, 2025 third

#5 Minnesota Vikings (F/LAC) – QB J.J. McCarthy, Michigan

The closer it gets to the draft the less confident I am the Vikings go flying up the board for McCarthy. I’ve read too much in the past 48 hours that the guy they want is Maye and it’s not a guarantee they want to trade the treasure trove of assets it will require to move into the top 5 for McCarthy. It also just never made sense that McCarthy would end up in the top 6 picks, but that might be my own bias. So while I am predicting this trade, I don’t feel good about it. I could have had an incredible 2021 Mock Draft (still did) had I not predicted the Lions being the spot where someone went to go get Fields, so I’m also having partial PTSD.

But here’s why it makes sense; the Vikings acquired an extra first six weeks before the draft for a reason. They cannot risk going into Justin Jefferson’s contract year with Sam Darnold as the quarterback. McCarthy’s skill set aligns with how KOC wants to operate. And then there’s the Chargers’ side. Los Angeles is letting everyone know they would like to move down. It makes sense. First of all, there’s a billion holes on this roster. Second, Joe Hortiz spent his entire professional career from 1998 – 2023 (25 years) in the Baltimore organization before taking the Los Angeles general manager job. Point being, this man knows the value of trading down and stockpiling picks. And if Harbaugh really wants to build out this roster starting with mean, nasty trench players, then at least one of Latham and Fuaga should be available at 11.

One last note: no this didn’t end up the three firsts everyone is expecting. These trades have a way of being cheaper during the draft. It only took two seconds for the Bills to go from 12 to 7 in 2018 for Josh Allen and that trade happened on the clock. The Cardinals needed a third and a fifth to go from 15 to 10 for Josh Rosen in 2018, again, on the clock. In 2021, the Bears sent two firsts and a third to go from 20 to 11 to get Justin Fields (while on the clock) who was the 4th QB off the board in that class, as is McCarthy here. This trade is built more similar to that.

#6 New York Giants – WR Malik Nabers, LSU

I think there is *some* chance the Giants prefer Odunze but most signs seem to be pointing to Nabers.

#7 Tennessee Titans – OT Joe Alt, Notre Dame

The Titans begin a four pick run where I can see any team from 7-10 trading down. In this scenario, however, Alt is too good to pass up.

#8 Atlanta Falcons – Edge Dallas Turner, Alabama

The Falcons seem like a great trade down candidate as they can drop 2-6 spots and still land an impact defensive player. In this scenario it’s not hard to envision the Jets leaping the Bears for Odunze. I still have more trades to project though and I don’t want to get crazy with how many I put on paper. I’m sure Atlanta will happily take the most explosive rusher in the draft.

#9 Chicago Bears – WR Rome Odunze, Washington

If the top three receivers are off the board I’d expect Ryan Poles to try and move down. The challenge, as always, is finding someone to come up, but Chicago only has four picks in this draft and they don’t pick again after this until 75.

But alas, Odunze falls right into their lap. It’s honestly a crime that after all those years of Fields being trotted out there surrounded by garbage Williams will get DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, and Odunze on day one.

#10 New York Jets – TE Brock Bowers, Georgia

Honestly, if all three receivers are off the board (likely) I think Douglas is going to try to move down. The Jets don’t have a second this year, they signed two offensive tackles in free agency (even if they’re temporary solutions), and they could take Bowers but do we think Hackett is the dude to unlock him? And Rodgers notoriously hates rookies and just throwing to tight ends in general. They could still stick and pick Bowers, but I’m just saying. Apparently the Saints are desperate to move up (shocker) so that combination could be a logical trade pairing that doesn’t require the Jets to fall too far down the board.

Yet on the other hand, let’s go back to where I started with Mock Draft 1.0. “However, in this scenario, given that Saleh and Douglas have their jobs on the line this season, they take easily the best player on the board and someone who does add firepower to the offense, if even Aaron Rodgers is more allergic to throwing to tight ends than he is western medicine.”

The Jets are all-in on 2024 and Bowers is one of the Elite 8 prospects in this draft.

#11 Los Angeles Chargers (F/MIN) – OT JC Latham, Alabama

Harbaugh wants big, nasty, people moving offensive lineman so he can run the ball and waste Justin Herbert’s prime. Latham might just be the strongest dude in this draft and in case the Chargers care about this he’s an actual right tackle which “pairs well” with Slater.

Packers Receive: #12
Broncos Receive: #25, #58, #88
#12 Green Bay Packers (F/DEN) – CB Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo

This is a massive jump up the board, but I believe two things are true; first, I think the Broncos preference is to move down, recoup a Day 2 pick (or two) from the Payton trade, and take Bo Nix later in the first round. I also think that the Packers, with two seconds and two thirds, will trade up because they view themselves as 2024 Super Bowl contenders and are looking for someone to get them over the hump. It may not be this large a leap, but that’s what I’m expecting.

Green Bay could easily target a tackle here, but with this being such a deep OT class the Packers leapfrog both the Raiders and Colts for the privilege of getting (in their opinion) the draft’s best corner.

#13 Las Vegas Raiders – CB Terrion Arnold, Alabama

How on earth did Tom Telesco immediately get another general manager job? Lunacy.

Anyway, Telesco hasn’t shied from taking smaller corners before, drafting Jason Verrett in the first round of 2014 and Asante Samuel Jr. in the second round of 2021. Arnold isn’t tiny or anything at 5’11” 189lbs but he’s also not hulking. Alas, he may be the best run defending corner in the draft and he’s not afraid to be physical. I’d imagine Antonio Pierce is going to appreciate that.

#14 New Orleans Saints – OT Olu Fashanu, Penn State

The Saints didn’t even need to trade up and land the offensive tackle they wanted.

#15 Indianapolis Colts – DT Byron Murphy II, Texas

Not the biggest need, or a need at all, but there’s so much chatter that Murphy might be the first defensive player off the board and can go as high as 8 that it may be too much to pass on pairing him with Buckner here. And he has the athletic profile Ballard will like.


Eagles Receive: #16, #81
Seattle Receive: #22, #53
#16 Philadelphia Eagles (F/SEA) – OT Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State

This isn’t the exact trade I wanted to project for Seattle as it doesn’t add picks to their arsenal, but I think an Eagles-Seahawks trade is a good probability. Seattle always wants to trade down and is light on picks this year including not having a second rounder. Also, every report this week is the Howie is calling around to move up. Keep in mind he has moved up in the first round four of the last five years (three of those instances was only one or two spots).

Philadelphia could be going up for a corner or tackle. If Arnold or Mitchell is available it will probably be one of them. Howie has never drafted a first rounder corner but neither had Belichick and then he did just that in his final season in New England. However, Howie’s MO is invest in the trenches and think a year ahead, and Fuaga can start off inside at guard before kicking out to right tackle whenever it is the team or Lane Johnson moves on.

#17 Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Brian Thomas Jr., LSU

We all know Trent Baalke is going to draft some insane athlete, an injured dude, or someone who is both. With Calvin Ridley gone the Jaguars may think they’re back to being thin at receiver. This may easily be a corner or offensive tackle, but with Brian Thomas blazing a 4.33 with a 1.52 10-split at 209lbs I don’t think Baalke will be able to help himself. And I’m sure Doug won’t be opposed.

#18 Cincinnati Bengals – Edge Jared Verse, Florida State

Edge was debatably a need for Cincinnati before Hendrickson requested a trade. Will the Bengals actually trade him? Who knows, but either way Verse helps this roster and is perhaps the best player on the board.

#19 Los Angeles Rams – OT Troy Fautanu, Washington

The Rams may look to trade down but they’re so desperate for an offensive tackle they may not want to pass on the last of the big 5.

#20 Pittsburgh Steelers – OT Armarius Mims, Georgia

Back to the well on massive, athletic offensive tackles from Georgia.

#21 Miami Dolphins – OL Graham Barton, Duke

The Dolphins have to get better up front and Barton’s five position versatility will allow them to just put their best five on the field.

#22 Seattle Seahawks (F/PHI) – CB Nate Wiggins, Clemson

Offensive line is obviously a major look-for area with Seattle, but MacDonald won’t refuse another coverage player. Adding Wiggins to Witherspoon, Tariq Woolen, and Michael Jackson creates the potential for an elite secondary.

#23 Los Angeles Chargers (F/MIN/HOU) – DB Cooper DeJean, Iowa

I couldn’t tell you if the Chargers were drafting DeJean to be a corner or safety, but again, with Hortiz coming from Baltimore he’ll be plenty OK with stockpiling coverage guys, and I have a feeling Harbaugh will appreciate the hard nosed style and versatility DeJean brings. Add in your narrative street comment here about Harbaugh just coming from the Big Ten and therefore he clearly has familiarity with DeJean and, yea.

#24 Dallas Cowboys – OT Tyler Guyton, Oklahoma

I imagine Dallas is going to kick Tyler Smith out to tackle but even still they need someone opposite him (sorry I don’t buy into Terence Steele). Guyton is more an athlete than a tackle but Dallas just took a better athlete than tackle in Tyler Smith in 2022 and that worked out so.

#25 Denver Broncos (F/GB) – QB Bo Nix, Oregon

As promised, the Broncos move down and get their guy.

#26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Edge Laiatu Latu, UCLA

I don’t love projecting this fall for Latu but I just kept picking other people at each potential team above (obviously). Tampa could be getting the steal of the draft with this pick.

#27 Arizona Cardinals (F/HOU) – CB Kool-Aid McKinstry, Alabama

Kool-Aid ran a 4.47 at his pro-day with a Jones fracture. Insane.

#28 Buffalo Bills – WR Adonai Mitchell, Texas

The Bills certainly seem backed into a corner with this pick.


Raiders Receive: #29
Lions Receive: #44, #77

#29 Las Vegas Raiders (F/DET) – QB Michael Penix Jr., Washington

This might be an overpay but whatever. You can pretend it’s 112 and 2025 4th instead of 77 if you want.

There’s just so much connecting Vegas to Penix at this point there must be something to it. This isn’t like that weird effort to convince us Malik Willis was going #2 to the Lions. I would be surprised if the Raiders took Penix at 13, though if they’re that in love they will. Moving back into the end of Round 1 makes more sense and we know that Arizona, Detroit, Baltimore, and San Francisco love to wheel and deal.

#30 Baltimore Ravens – Edge Chop Robinson, Penn State

Bringing in edge rushers and developing them is Baltimore’s super power. They just took an unproductive athletic freak out of Penn State Odafe Oweh and they go back to the well.

#31 San Francisco 49ers – OL Jordan Morgan, Arizona

The 9ers could use help at tackle and guard. Morgan played tackle in college but may not have the length to stick there in the pros. Either way, the 9ers are getting a good player.

#32 Kansas City Chiefs – Edge Darius Robinson, Missouri

Kansas City doesn’t force needs (see 2022 when everyone on earth mocked them a receiver at one or both of their first round picks except for yours truly) and with no tackle worth this pick they go elsewhere. I don’t think Robinson gets out of the first round.


#33 Carolina Panthers – WR Keon Coleman, Florida State

#34 New England Patriots – WR Ladd McConkey, Georgia

(Because of course)

#35 Arizona Cardinals – WR Troy Franklin, Oregon

Yes, they double dip at receiver but then hammer the defense with their three third rounders.

#36 Washington Commanders – OT Kingsley Suamataia, BYU

#37 Los Angeles Chargers – DT Kris Jenkins Jr., Michigan

There’s three Michigan players (Jenkins, Roman Wilson, and Junior Colson) that I believe the Chargers will pick from here. The argument for all of them is good; desperate WR need, Colson is a green dot player, Jenkins is the trench guy. Harbaugh gets the trench guy.

#38 Tennessee Titans – DL Jer’Zhan Newton, Illinois

#39 Carolina Panthers (F/NYG) – CB Ennis Rakestraw Jr., Missouri

#40 Washington Commanders (F/CHI) – Edge Marshawn Kneeland, Western Michigan

#41 Green Bay Packers – OT Patrick Paul, Houston

#42 Houston Texans (F/MIN) – CB Mike Sainristil, Michigan

#43 Atlanta Falcons – WR Xavier Worthy, Texas

#44 Detroit Lions (F/LV) – CB T.J. Tampa, Iowa State

#45 New Orleans Saints (F/DEN) – Edge Adisa Isaac, Penn State

#46 Indianapolis Colts – CB Max Melton, Rutgers

#47 New York Giants (F/SEA) – CB Kamari Lassiter, Georgia

#48 Jacksonville Jaguars – DT Braden Fiske, Florida State

#49 Cincinnati Bengals – WR Roman Wilson, Michigan

#50 Philadelphia Eagles (F/NO) – S Tyler Nubin, Minnesota

#51 Pittsburgh Steelers – DL Brandon Dorlus, Oregon

#52 Los Angeles Rams – Edge Chris Braswell, Alabama

#53 Seattle Seahawks (F/PHI) – LB Edgerrin Cooper, Texas A&M

#54 Cleveland Browns – CB Andru Phillips, Kentucky

#55 Miami Dolphins – OL Zach Frazier, West Virginia

#56 Dallas Cowboys – C Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon

#57 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Edge Bralen Trice, Washington

#58 Denver Broncos (F/GB) – WR Ricky Pearsall, Florida

#59 Houston Texans – G Christian Haynes, UConn

#60 Buffalo Bills – WR Xavier Legette, South Carolina

#61 Detroit Lions – WR Malach Corley, Western Kentucky

#62 Baltimore Ravens – WR Ja’Lynn Polk, Washington

#63 San Francisco 49ers – DT Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson

#64 Kansas City Chiefs – OT Kiran Amegadjie, Yale

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