Quarterback Market Evolution

Quarterback cost, as with everything, is a simple matter of supply and demand. The cost itself is multi-faceted. There’s salary, of course. But there’s also… Read more »

2023 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

  The draft is here. We made it. Congratulations everyone. #1 Carolina Panthers (F/CHI) – QB Bryce Young, Alabama “All that’s left is for Roger… Read more »

2023 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Back already with an updated draft. While Mock Draft 2.0 was only last week, some new information about the draft has become available. And, honestly,… Read more »

2023 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

The draft is roughly four weeks away. Much has happened since Mock Draft 1.0. The combine, free agency, Jalen Carter’s unfortunate situation and the Bears’… Read more »